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The Don’ts You May Be Doing During Your Workouts

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When you’re a beginner, you’re more likely to make many mistakes before, during and after your workout. You have to be aware of the numerous don’ts that beginners make one too many times. You can then strive to rectify your mistakes and, thus, to get the most out of your workout.

In the following sections, we will look at the don’ts that beginners are most likely to make. Ask the personal trainers, staff members, and veteran gym-goers at UFC Gym for more dos and don’ts for your workout.

#1 Don’t: Not Planning for and Understanding Your Workout Goal

Workouts are a dime a dozen. You will find workouts designed by personal trainers, professional bodybuilders, and celebrities, even by your neighborhood gym buff. You’re convinced that since a workout program worked for your favorite celebrity, post-maternity, then it will also work in your case.

But here’s the thing: Every individual is different. Thus, every person’s physical condition, fitness goals, and personal expectations of his body will also be different.

You should avoid being the person in the gym who performs specific exercise movements without planning for, much less understanding, his goals. Even when you have a goal in mind, you’re not performing the right types of exercises, as well as the reps, set and combos that will produce your desired results.

Do: Write down your goals and understand them. Ask a personal trainer about the best workout program considering your age, physical condition, and fitness goals.

#2 Don’t: Not Performing Your Warm-up and Cool-down Exercises

There’s a good reason for warm-up exercises: Your heart needs to be pumped up in order for your body to enjoy a safe, effective and productive workout. Otherwise, your risk for injury will increase because your muscles aren’t as well-activated as they should be.

This is also true albeit in reverse for cool-down exercises. Your heart should calm down to its normal rate afterwards, which will also allow your muscles to cool down.

Don’t think about the 5-minute warm-up and cool-down exercises as a waste of time. Instead, think about the 10 minutes as a must for maximizing your performance and minimizing your risks.

Do: Spend 5 to 10 minutes performing warm-up and cool-down exercises. You can either perform bodyweight exercises or use exercise equipment, such as resistance bands and foam rollers. You may even just stick to dynamic stretching.

#3 Don’t: Not Returning to Your Workout After a Rest Period

Your need for socialization with your fellow gym-goers can reduce your workout efficiency. You shouldn’t rest too long between sets because your heart rate must remain elevated between sets. Your goals of burning more calories and fats will be compromised otherwise.

Do: Set a timer so that you can be alerted about the end of your rest period. Avoid socializing with others between your sets, especially when it means getting up from the workout area and visiting the water area. Adjust your rest periods according to your goal but always ensure that you’re still within the effective rest period.

#4 Don’t: Not Varying Your Workout

Your reluctance about changing your workout is understandable particularly when you have achieved the desired results with it. But when you become stuck in a rut – you’re on a plateau where nothing seems to change no matter your decision to increase the number of reps and loads – then it’s time for a change.

This is because your body starts to get used to the workout and, thus, sees no reason to change itself. You have to keep your body and its muscles guessing so that it will step up its performance, so to speak. You will start seeing maximum progress

Do: Add new movements. Push up your reps. Increase or decrease the weights on your exercises. Learn new exercises.

You’re adding entirely different training stimuli that your body hasn’t had the chance yet in adopting. You will get better results from your body even with the same amount of time spent exercising.

#5 Don’t: Not Focusing on Your Workouts

If you’re going through the motions, then you’re not doing yourself any favors. Your body may be performing its exercises but your mind isn’t focused on the task at hand, a big no-no.

You have to be fully invested in your workout, whatever it may be. You’re not only being aware of your body’s movements, you’re also reducing your risks for injuries. Just imagine suffering from a broken arm because you’re just going through the motions – specific number of reps per set – while bench pressing.

Do: Always pay full attention to your workouts. You should be challenging yourself with the movements, as well as working your mind and body while you’re at it.

You will find many more don’ts about workouts. But you can start with these five big no-no since these are the most common mistakes, even among veterans.