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Low Impact Workouts That Burn More Calories

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Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean you should just forget about your weight loss goals. Now is as good a time to lose weight as any, and besides, why wait until next year to achieve your dream bod?

But let’s face it – working out is not everyone’s favorite activity. Sure there are lots of gym rats who hang out at David Barton Gym every day but there are also people who prefer to avoid working out completely.

If your main reason for not working out is because you don’t like all those HIIT exercises, then this guide is for you. Here we reveal the best low impact workouts that are actually great for burning calories and melting away fats.


Calories burned: 150-181 in 45 minutes

Walking works on nearly every muscle in your body and it does not put you at risk of injury especially when you walk on a level surface. Begin with an easy 15-minute walk and then gradually add 10% more time weekly. After a few weeks, try to change your speed (increasing it) or perhaps try walking on hills.

In-Line Skating

Calories burned: over 500 in 45 minutes

Begin in an area with a level surface and make sure you wear protective gear. Start with short strides and keep your center of gravity as close to the ground as possible. Once you get the hang of it, skate uphill up and down repeatedly.


Calories burned: 350 for 45 minutes

If it’s your first time to join a Zumba class, make sure to inform your instructor about it so that she or he can check your form. This dance workout will keep you entertained and ensure you’ll have fun with the lively music and lots of movement. Plus the atmosphere in the class will motivate you to keep going.

Step Climbing

Calories burned: 400+ for 45 minutes

Hoisting yourself upwards will help you burn calories and boost the health of your heart as well. Just start slow because some people have difficulty doing this workout for longer durations especially if they have very little or no physical activity in the past.


Calories burned: 381 for 45 minutes at moderate speed

Many gyms like Gold’s Gym have spin classes which is great for burning calories and the atmosphere in the room is also very electrifying just like with Zumba classes. Sign up for a spin class and enjoy the calorie burn without even getting bored. Invest in padded shorts or use a bike with padded seats to avoid soreness the next day.  Alternate between slow and fast speeds but start slow to avoid injury.

Elliptical Trainer

Calories burned: 333 for 45 minutes at moderate speed

Ellipticals is basically a no-impact exercise and they are great for beginners. Just hop on a machine and blast fat. If you don’t want to invest in this equipment, then enrolling in a gym is the way to go.


Calories burned: 333 for 45 minutes doing freestyle

Here’s another low impact workout that’s ideal for beginners. Even if you are overweight or are prone to injury, you can opt for swimming to burn fat. Start with just half an hour in the pool taking slow leisurely laps. After a while, try to increase your pace and do more laps. You can also try other swimming techniques like backstroke or breaststroke.


Calories burned: 333 for 45 minutes

Many newbies are intimidated with the rowing machine but it’s actually a powerful fat burner and body toner. It can develop your whole body giving you a more defined arms, chest, abs, back and legs. Moreover, it helps you have a better posture and keep your back strong and well defined. Start slow and just gradually increase your speed and distance as you get the hang of it. Remember, the faster you row, the more calories you burn.

Over time, you will notice your body becoming leaner and all your problem areas like your belly will look so much better. Be sure to set realistic goals and try not to get easily disappointed if you don’t see any significant difference over a short period of time. Losing weight should be a slow and gradual process, and not something you achieve in 1-2 weeks.

Then once you have reached your ideal weight, you can then proceed to doing other kinds of workouts like running, resistance training and even HIIT programs that will build muscle and give you a sexier body.

The key to effective weight loss is to make fitness your lifestyle. Don’t simply take on any workout for the sake of losing weight but also to maintain a healthy weight for the long haul.