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New to Body Weight Training? Here’s a Simple Guide for You!

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A lot of people are attracted to the amazing results of bodyweight training and they wish they could do these workouts too so they can have chiseled abs and stronger muscles. They see all these beautifully sculpted bodies in Equinox and say to themselves – I can have that body too if I do body weight training!  But while it’s so easy to find these workouts in Youtube, we wouldn’t advise you to just jump on the bandwagon.  You need to start with the basics first to avoid injury and to ensure you get great results.

What are the Basics?

Lots of people think that the only exercises they can do for body weight training are push-ups and squats. But nothing can be farther from the truth. There is a repertoire of exercises you can choose from.

Pushups and squats are great for toning the body and personal trainers teach it to their clients all the time. But while these moves are great to build strength, you don’t get advanced skills by doing them.

First off, you need to achieve movement skills. It’s not as simple as doing as many reps as you can, you also need to teach your body to move in complex ways so that you get the best outcome. You work up the minimum reps to build strength until such time you can master it.
With dedication and practice, you can be on your way to becoming a master at bodyweight training.

1. Leg Scales

Many will think these moves are very easy but doing them properly is actually anything but. The Leg Scales is something that develops the strength of your leg when straight and doing a few reps, you’ll notice that these scale exercises are actually quite hard.

Front Leg Scales

Hold your knees in a locked position so you get to work the muscle in your leg. Keep your shoulders relaxed and your back straight. Point your toes outward and lift your leg up straight. Don’t bend your leg and don’t lean back.

Back Leg Scales

Similar to the front scales, keep your toes pointed and your legs locked. Keep your back straight and maintain a straight line as you lift your leg to the back. Don’t bend your leg and don’t lean forward or sideways.

2. Double Arm Lever

This skill improves your balance. It also teaches you to connect your lower and upper body as a single unit which helps you develop your body control.

Begin with your knees and point your fingers backward. Put one knee forward and bend your elbows to your sides as your rest the top of your head on the floor. Then raise your legs off the ground while lifting your head with toes pointing backwards.

Mastering Your Skills

The Double Arm Lever and Leg Scales are fun to master and they will help you become stronger. They are also quite convenient since you can just do them anywhere even in your office. It may seem difficult at the beginning but as you build your skills, you will eventually learn to become a master of your own body.

Start by combining the movements until you develop a flow of movement. Once you do that, your movement will become very smooth as if you are doing ninja moves.

You won’t acquire the skills quickly. Heck, you probably won’t achieve it in a week even if you do it everyday. But as you continue to practice, you will notice yourself getting better.

Bodyweight Moves You Can Try


Targets: abs, glutes and quads

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart.
  • Keep hands at your sides.
  • Lower your bottom to the floor and roll into your back.
  • When you rock backwards, swing your arms over your head.
  • Swing your lower body.
  • When your legs are perpendicular with the ground, lift your lower back off the floor by engaging your core.
  • Then do the reverse until you are in a low squat and bend your knees.
  • Do these moves as fast as you can.

Jumping Lunges

Targets: Glutes and quads

  • Begin with your right leg in a lunge position.
  • Your knees should be at 90-degree angles.
  • Pull your shoulders backward and keep your chest up.
  • Hips should be facing forward and your arms on your side.
  • Jump up and launch your body forward.
  • When you’re in mid-air, bring your left leg forward and your right leg backward.
  • Land in a lunge position with both knees at a 90 degree angle.
  • Repeat this for 1 minute.

There are other ninja moves you can try to sculpt your body and look like a pro. But start with these and pretty soon you can proceed to advanced workouts.

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