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9 Round Fitness will provide you with the most effective way your body can get a full workout in a very little time. With 9 Round, you don’t have to worry about spending your precious long hours in a gym. 9 Round has also a very fun and energetic environment that help you stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals. Since you will be focusing on kickboxing in 9 Round, you will not only have a fit and healthy body, but you will also learn self-defense. 9 Round prices were also made affordable so people will have one less problem in staying fit.

Below are the estimated 9 Round membership fees.

Fee TypePrice

Monthly Membership

One Club Access

Initiation Fee$50.00
Monthly Fee$79.00
Due Today$129.00

Yearly Membership

One Club Access

Initiation Fee$50.00
Yearly Fee$708.00
Due Today$758.00
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Company Overview

9 Round Fitness is a specialized gym and fitness center focusing on boxing and kickboxing in a 30 minutes circuit program as fitness trainings. Founded in 2007 by Shannon Hudson, who won the International Kickboxing Federation Light Middle Weight Champion of the World title in 2011, 9 Round Fitness currently has 332 centers located in United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and United Kingdom.

Equipment and Facilities Available

9 Round Fitness’ facilities have the most modern equipment needed in boxing in kickboxing. Each location is furnished with circuits that have a series of fitness stations a member has to finish in 30-minutes. These stations are equipped with tools to help you shed some pounds, improve strength and balance, provide full body toning, enhance cardiovascular health, and teach you self-defense techniques.

Here’s a short overview on how these station works:

Stations 1-2

Equipped with dumb bells, kettle bells, medicine ball, and jump ropes, these stations are designed to improve your body’s strength.

Stations 3-8

Designed to build power, increase hand and eyes coordination, and improve speed and timing, these stations are equipped with heavy bags, double end bags, and speed bags.

Station 9

This station is allotted to make you as strong as possible by strengthening the most important part of your body

Member Benefits and Privileges

In addition to the unlimited used of 9 Round equipment and facilities, members also get a one-on-one training with 9 Round’s experienced trainers every time he or she visits the club. 9 Round also provides their members with Nutritional Guide and Support by Dr. Kattouf through their online nutritional forum. Members will also receive a pair of 9 Round gloves to allow them to hit as hard as they could, and a pair of 9 Round hand wraps for wrist support and protection.

To join 9 Round Fitness or to find a location near you, visit their website.

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