CrossFit Prices

Frankly speaking, CrossFit prices are generally more expensive than ordinary membership gyms. This is due to that fact that although regular workout and CrossFit have a lot in common, CrossFit is certainly more effective than regular workout. With the proper commitment to your training program, CrossFit will give you better fitness results in less time.

Below are the estimated CrossFit membership fees.

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Company Overview

CrossFit is a fitness-training program designed and created by Greg Glassman and Lauren Janai. CrossFit training is focused both on physical exercise and competitive sports. CrossFit workouts have the elements of high intensity interval training (a form of cardio focusing on anaerobic exercise), Olympic weight lifting (an athletic discipline in which the athlete attempts a barbell loaded with weight plates), plyometrics (jump training excercises), gymnastics (sports that requires strength, balance, and stability), and other forms of sports. The first ever CrossFit gym is located in Sta. Cruz, California founded in 2000. Today, there are more that 13,000 CrossFit affiliates worldwide.

Equipment and Facilities Available

Since CrossFit is just a training affiliation, equipments and facilities vary from gym to gym. Here’s a list of equipments you can expect for CrossFit training:

  • Olympic Barbell – a metal bar with weights attached to each end. For men Olympic barbell weighs 20kg, while 15kg for women
  • Pull Up Rig – smooth metal bar installed or held up by metal frames
  • Jump ropes – used for cardio workouts
  • Medicine Balls – weighted ball used for strength trainings
  • Kettle Bells – cast-iron weights that are used for ballistic exercises
  • Rowers – equipment used to imitate the action of water rowing

Membership Benefits and Privileges

Membership benefits and privileges depend on which CrossFit affiliate you will enroll. These affiliate gyms or clubs will provide a certified CrossFit trainer to teach and coach each member everything they need to know about CrossFit including movements and equipments used. Trainers will also help you to stay motivated so you can reach your fitness goal.

While we cannot provide you with the exact benefits and privileges you can get from your chosen affiliate, here’s a list of benefits you can get from doing CrossFit:

  • It is very good and effective way to burn calories and fats.
  • It is a beneficial to cardiovascular health
  • It strengthens you muscles and joints
  • It enhances flexibility, balance, speed, coordination

To join CrossFit or to find a location near you, visit their website.