David Barton Gym Prices

The David Barton Gym prices are reasonable considering the state-of-the-art physical fitness equipment, world-class personal trainer services, and upscale facilities that come with your membership.  You will also look better naked, as the company’s slogan guarantees, after becoming a regular patron in one of their gyms.

Below are the estimated David Barton Gym membership fees.

Fee TypePrice

One Club Access

Monthly (1 Year Commitment)

Initiation Fee$50.00
Monthly Fee$139.00
Annual Enhancement Fee$60.00
Due Today$189.00


Initiation Fee$50.00
Yearly Fee$1,390.00
Annual Enhancement Fee$60.00
Due Today$1,440.00

Monthly (No Commitment)

Initiation Fee$50.00
Monthly Fee$147.00
Annual Enhancement Fee$60.00
Due Today$197.00

All Club Access

Monthly (1 Year Commitment)

Initiation Fee$50.00
Monthly Fee$192.00
Annual Enhancement Fee$60.00
Due Today$242.00


Initiation Fee$50.00
Yearly Fee$1,920.00
Annual Enhancement Fee$60.00
Due Today$1,970.00
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Company Overview

When the first David Barton Gym opened in 1992, its focus was on creating a positive energy resulting in better feelings and awareness; offering fitness products and services other health clubs cannot; and helping men and women enjoy the body of their dreams. Since then, the chain of gyms have continued to provide its clientele with the best in physical fitness services ranging from cardio, strength training, and flexibility programs to health and wellness programs.

Equipment and Facilities Available

While each gym has its own set of equipment, facilities and amenities available, you will find that all are designed with your luxurious comfort and convenience in mind.  Your first visit will reveal the following facilities:

  • Spacious areas from the lounge to the exercise areas
  • Certified personal trainers
  • Cutting-edge strength training equipment including free weights, Smith machines, and cables as well as classes for bodybuilding purposes including Muscle Playground, Six Pack Attack, and W.O.W.
  • World-class cardio equipment with interactive features
  • Cardio classes including yoga, group cycling, boxing, and Pilates as well as fight training
  • Steam rooms

Membership Benefits and Privileges

When you become a member, you will enjoy numerous benefits as a member including:

  • Fast, easy and convenient full-on access to the facilities and equipment of the gym
  • Competent and compassionate guidance from the personal trainers on the fitness training programs (i.e., personal trainers can also make customized programs for people with chronic illnesses)
  • Enjoy a physically fit body resulting in other benefits including better mood, relationships, and confidence

Should You Become a Member?

Yes, you should become a member of a David Barton Gym although you have to be prepared for the relatively expensive membership fees. Your physical and mental transformation will start on the first day that you become a member, sign up for classes, and attend them with a personal trainer on hand as your mentor.

You will enjoy the best possible environment for your transformation including the state-of-the-art yet easy-to-use exercise equipment, the customized training programs, and the friendly people from the staff members to your fellow gym-goers. You will have such a fun time that going back over and over again becomes such an easy thing to do, too.

To join David Barton Gym or to find a location near you, visit their website.

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