American Top Team Prices

Whether you want to loose some weight, or you want to achieve your fitness goals, or you want to learn self-defense through martial arts, American Top Team can cater to your need. American Top Team prices are very competitive compared to other gyms since they are not only offering a fitness program but martial arts classes as well.

Below are the estimated American Top Team membership fees.

Item Price

Group Classes


Included: Brazilian JIU-JITSU, Cardio Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Boxing Classes, Xtreme Fitness Training
Adult (Monthly) (Unlimited) $190.00
Kids (Monthly) (Unlimited) $170.00
Adult (Paid in Full) (Unlimited) $1,869.60
Kids (Paid in Full) (Unlimited) $1,672.80

2 Times a Week

2 times a week, only 1 discipline
Adult (Monthly) (2 Times a Week) $160.00
Kids (Monthly) (2 Times a Week) $140.00
Adult (Paid in Full) (2 Times a Week) $1,574.40
Kids (Paid in Full) (2 Times a Week) $1,377.60

Private Classes

Adults & Kids
1 Time a Week (Monthly) $297.00
1 Time a Week (Paid in Full) $2,922.48
2 Times a Week (Monthly) $594.00
2 Times a Week (Paid in Full) $5,844.96
3 Times a Week (Monthly) $891.00
3 Times a Week (Paid in Full) $8,767.00

Private Classes Master Junior

Adults & Kids
1 Time a Week (Monthly) (Adults) (Master Junior) $395.01
1 Time a Week (Paid in Full) (Adults) (Master Junior) $3,886.90
2 Times a Week (Monthly) (Kids) (Master Junior) $790.02
2 Times a Week (Paid in Full) (Kids) (Master Junior) $7,773.80

Visiting Prices

Visitor Rates
1 Time Pass $30.00
Week Pass $120.00
10 Classes $240.00
Monthly $336.00
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Company Overview

American Top Team is a martial arts and fitness academy founded by Ricardo Liborio (who used to be in Brazilian Top Team) and Dan Lambert in 2001. Its first location was in Coconut Creek, Florida, United States. Today, American Top Team has more than 40 locations in United States, Canada, New Zealand, Croatia, and Saudi Arabia.

Equipment and Amenities Available

American Top Team’s amenities vary from location to location. However, each academy is equipped will all the essential equipments needed to ensure their members with maximum fitness results. Some of these equipments are as follows:

  • Heavy Bags – this is the most important training equipment for boxing, mixed martial arts, karate, and MMA. This equipment develops and strengthens your punching techniques.
  • Speed Bags – this equipment improves eyes and hands coordination and speed.
  • Thai Bags – this equipment is very similar to heavy bag only Thai bags are used in Muay Thai.
  • Thai Pads – this equipment is use both as target and protection during sparring sessions.
  • Octagon Cages – this serves as a fighting rink during sessions and matches.

American Top Team also ensures safety of their members during classes by using top of the line mats from Zebra Mats.

Membership Benefits and Privileges

In addition to the all access use of American Top Team’s equipments and amenities, members also get to enjoy unlimited adult martial arts training classes. Here are the lists of classes available at ATT centers:

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – (Gracie Jiu Jitsu) is one of the most popular forms of martial arts today. This training that uses grappling and ground fighting focuses on strengthening you physically and mentally. This is also a great way to burn calories and helps you stay fit. Jiu Jitsu also teaches you the value of hard work, persistence, and perseverance.
  • Mixed Martial Arts – sometimes called the MMA or UFC, Mixed Martial Arts is a training program that teaches all the key elements of Brazilian jiu jitsu, wrestling, Muay Thai, boxing, and physical conditioning all in one. This training will help you gain more strength while you are learning self-defense skills. It can also improve your cardiovascular health and helps you release stress.
  • Muay Thai Boxing – this is a form of martial arts that utilizes attacks from fists, elbows, knees and feet. Muay Thai is very effective in cardiovascular conditioning. It also strengthens the limbs and abdominal muscles.

To join American Top Team or to find a location near you, visit their website.