YMCA Prices

YMCA facilities offer a great variety when it comes to fitness equipments. Since YMCA is not only focused on fitness alone but to holistic wellness, you can be sure that you can find greater ways to enjoy your workout at Y.

Moreover, since YMCA centers are under a non-profit organization, YMCA prices are generally more affordable than any other fitness center.

Below are the estimated YMCA membership fees.

MembershipInitiation FeesPriceDue Today

Family Membership

Up to 2 adults, 17 years and older


Adult Membership

Young Adult (18-29)$25.00$29.00/mo$54.00
Adult (30 and over)$25.00$39.00/mo$64.00

Youth Membership

Youth (12-17)$0.00$15.00/mo$15.00
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Company Overview

Young Men’s Christian Association or YMCA or just Y is a non-profit organization founded in 1844 by George Williams. YMCA focuses on putting Christian principles in to practice by developing these three key areas: body, mind, and spirit. These three key principles are what represent the three angles (red triangle) in YMCA logo. With more than 170 years in fitness industry, YMCA has over 45 million members in 119 countries.

Equipment and Facilities Available

YMCA offers a broad concept when it comes to fitness education and because of this, YMCA offers a much more extensive facilities compared to other fitness centers out there. In addition the large fitness center that is equipped with cardio machines, strength equipments, free weights, and other gym equipments, YMCA centers offers the following amenities:

  • Olympic and lap pools
  • Sports field and courts
  • Dance studios
  • Group exercise studios
  • Gymnasiums and indoor tracks
  • Onsite health and wellness center
  • Youth Development Center
  • Drop-in Childcare area
  • Shower room, sauna rooms, and locker rooms

Members Benefits and Privileges

Members of YMCA are welcome to use all the equipments and facilities available in Y centers. Additionally, Y coaches will be more than happy to provide each member with a personalized fitness and diet plan so they can achieve their fitness goals more successfully. YMCA also offers programs and activities to help members stay motivated throughout their fitness journey. Here are some of Y’s programs that are free for all YMCA members:

Swimming Lessons or Y Aquatics

This program is a progressive swimming lesson classes that aims to teach personal safety and growth, stroke development, basics of water sports and games, rescue procedure in aquatic environment. This program is available for all ages and any fitness level.


Basketball is a good total body workout and it also helps develop sportsmanship and team-building skills. Y offers basketball classes and teams leagues to all ages.

To join YMCA or to find a location near you, visit their website.

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