Newtown Athletic Club Prices

The Newtown Athletic Club is one of the most famous gym centers in the world and is known to be more than just a place for exercising and body building – it’s a health center and fitness clubs in the worlds as well. It’s also known for being one of the friendliest establishments as it has several financing programs for anyone who wants to get in, never turning away young kids or seniors who want to use the facilities to stay fit and healthy.

Below are the estimated Newtown Athletic Club membership fees.

Item Price

Youth (Ages 12 to 25)

1 Year Agreement (One Person)
Enrollment Fee (Youth) $150.00
Monthly Fee (Youth) $104.00
Cancellation Fee (Youth) $0.00

Mid Adult (Ages 26 to 29)

1 Year Agreement (Mid Adult)
Enrollment Fee (Mid Adult) $150.00
Monthly Fee (Mid Adult) $130.00
Cancellation Fee (Mid Adult) $0.00

Adult (Ages 30 - 64)

1 Year Agreement (Adult)
Enrollment Fee (Adult) $250.00
Monthly Fee (Adult) $184.00
Cancellation Fee (Adult) $0.00


1 Year Agreement. Self & spouse, 1 parent & 1 child (age 21 or younger)
Enrollment Fee (Couple) $300.00
Monthly Fee Fee (Couple) $310.00
Cancellation Fee (Couple) $0.00

Family (2 Adult, 2 Children)

1 Year Agreement. Self, spouse & up to 2 children (age 21 or younger)
Enrollment Fee (Family) $350.00
Monthly Fee Fee (Family) $360.00
Cancellation Fee (Family) $0.00

Senior (Ages 65 and Over)

1 Year Agreement (Per Senior)
Enrollment Fee (Senior) $250.00
Monthly Fee (Senior) $165.00
Cancellation Fee (Senior) $0.00

Senior Couple (Ages 65 and Over)

1 Year Agreement. Self & spouse both age 65+
Enrollment Fee (Senior Couple) $300.00
Monthly Fee (Senior Couple) $285.00
Cancellation Fee (Senior Couple) $0.00
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History of the Newtown Athletic Club

The Newtown Athletic Club started in 1978 and back then it was known as the Newtown Racquetball Club. The facility was only 15,000 sq.ft. and this has since expanded to over 250,000 sq.ft as of 2014. It has continued to expand to the point where it is now the third largest individual health and fitness club in the entire country.

Equipment and Facilities Available

The main benefit of signing up as a member is the unlimited access to all of the equipment and facilities with no hidden costs and sudden charges. The moment you sign up you can walk in and use any of the facilities as you please, from the indoor and outdoor pools to the cardio equipment and free weights space.

The facilities also go beyond what’s inside the buildings as you’ll also discover that there are places to run and exercise outside as well.  The center also has numerous programs for kids from ages 10 and above.

Membership Benefits and Privileges

Signing up as a member doesn’t just grant you access to the facilities and trainers but also the numerous amenities such as the café, babysitting center, salon, spa, golfing and basketball facilities as well as cosmetic center as well. You can walk into the Newtown Athletic Club to work out for an hour or to simply swim and relax at the café. It’s basically a one-stop shop, from going to work out to resting at the café and spending time with the whole family for a special weekend program.

Should You Become a Member of the Newtown Athletic Club?

Just because the facilities are amazing it doesn’t mean the Newtown Athletic Club fees are high. As a matter of fact, the listed Newtown Athletic Club prices are quit affordable, making the facility one of the most recommended in the Philadelphia area. If you live nearby then there is no other option that can top the equipment and services that the Newtown Athletic Club has to offer.

To join Newtown Athletic Club or to find a location near you, visit their website.