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Should You Base Your Workouts on Your Blood Type?

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You are probably aware of how important it is to customize your workouts to match your level of fitness. But did you know that it’s also a good idea to match your workouts to your blood type?

There’s even a new fitness program called The Blood Type Workout which promises to give you long lasting and fast results if you follow a diet and workout program based on your blood type.

According to naturopathic experts, the blood type is a very powerful genetic fingerprint and your workouts as well as your diet reacts chemically to your blood type. If you stick to a generic program, you won’t be able to utilize your full genetic potential, or so they say.

A lot of people’s curiosity have been piqued by such idea and many are skeptical. When you avail of this fitness program, you will get the workout DVDs based on your blood type and some comprehensive info about what food you should and should not consume.

How It Works

First you have to determine your blood type. Once you’ve done that, you can then refer to the following information:

Blood Type O

People with Type O blood are the ones who most closely resemble women and men from the ancient times (cavemen times) who spent their days hunting and protecting their families from predators.

If you belong to this group, you are athletic and strong, with powerful legs and arms. Your body craves high intensity workouts like running, intervals, plyometrics and other similar routines. You need exercise to fight anxiety and stress as well as to improve your mood.

For your diet, avoid processed carbs and dairy. Stick to foods similar to those used in Paleo diets.

Blood Type A

The DNA of people who have type A blood resembles those of ancient farmers who spent their days doing slow activities like planting. Doing intense workouts will lead to muscle stiffness and fatigue and also increases cortisol, or the stress hormone, in your body. Do Pilates, isometric exercises, Tai Chi, yoga and other activities that help protect your bones and joints.

For your diet, try to maintain a vegetarian diet and consume lots of fresh veggies and fruits, as well as fish and whole grains.

Blood Type B

Your blood type is closest to the nomads, who often moved from one place to another but they lived a less frenzied pace compared to the cavemen. They also moved around in groups. You will enjoy cardio workouts in groups as well as resistance training.

For your diet, your body is amendable to dairy, meat as well as veggies and fruits.

Blood Type AB

Your body’s DNA is basically a hybrid of blood type A and B. You are very susceptible to joint and muscle stiffness when you perform high power cardio routines so go with walking, dancing or hiking. Since you also are likely to internalize anger, you need something to keep your mood up such as Tai Chi and Yoga.

For your diet, eat lots of veggies and fruits, as well as whole grains and dairy. Try to cut back on red meat.

The creators of this workout program say that even though there has not been an intensive clinical research to back up their claims, the success of those who have tried The Blood Type Workout (and diet) shows that it really works.

We’re not sure if we fully support this workout program however. In our opinion, any program that motivates you to do physical activities regularly and keep to a healthy diet is as good as any.

Experts have warned though that following it may discourage people from performing activities that are crucial for their health. So you just need to be wary of what you should and should not do, and so as long as it doesn’t put your body in harm’s way, follow what you think works great for you and will help you achieve your fitness goals. If you enjoy brisk walking, continue to do it. You can also increase the time you spend doing this exercise or perhaps increase the intensity so that you will burn more calories and reach your desired weight faster. Perhaps enrolling in a gym such as 24 Hour Fitness may even help you lose more fat and develop a lean body.

Finally, when it comes to your diet, maintain a balance of protein, carbs, healthy fat and all the essential nutrients your body needs. A combination of healthy food and regular exercise will always lead to a healthier body and better well being.